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can you see the edges of my embers burning
can you see the edges of my embers burning
i refuse to die im gonna keep on living
sparkling into infinity

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Dear Eadelin Y Dion (S9128273I),

1. We are pleased to inform you that your application to register with MOE is successful. It will take effect from 10 March 2015.

2. Your registration expires on 9 March 2017. You may reapply to register with MOE before 9 March 2017 to ensure you remain registered.

3. Please print a copy of this notice for your reference. You will need to submit this registration confirmation slip as part of your bid for schools' programmes.

Warmest Regards,

The MOE-IRS Team

FINALLY. i applied 29th may last year, got email that i would be notified within 6-8 weeks, never got the email but still got on fine anyway, got pestered by a teacher for confirmation email only this year, called moe to ask, and i got an email that said 'hi, your application is still being processed' well fuck it FINALLY a week after i called it has been approved. just as i was complaining about it to mummy over lunch.

my CV

reeks of desperation for employment, like 'PLEASE TAKE ME I PROMISE I WILL BE A GOOD GIRL'

Eadelin is a reliable accompanist who has been commended by not only examiners from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), but high-profile ballet teachers from overseas as well for her musicality. Throughout her time there, Eadelin has played for Open masterclasses held by Barena Bertrand from the Paris Opera Ballet, Han Kee Juan, Director of the Washington School of Ballet, as well as Professor Patricia Hon from the Cornish College of the Arts. Eadelin has also received praise from the teachers whom she has played for as exam pianist at other schools. Besides playing for SBA, she also played for Levels 1 and 2 at the 2012 and 2013 CSTD Summer Schools held in Singapore.

Most recently, Eadelin made her debut public performance as a pianist with The Graduate Singers at the newly-opened Victoria Concert Hall under the baton of conductor Adyll Hardy. Despite not taking any more piano lessons, on her own, Eadelin continues to refine her technique and hone her piano-playing and improvisational skills. She enjoys working with children and youths, and is sure that her experience as a dance accompanist is a viable asset to her development as a choral assistant.

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First you are the joke,
That then becomes the riddle
That evolves into the most
Frustrating jigsaw puzzle

Then somewhere along the line
Without warning or a clue
You've become the most outrageous

Dont say I didn't warn you
Dont say I didn't warn you
You know how this ends.

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it's not that i don't care.
i am a robot with wires strewn everywhere:
out of order.
all mechanics stay away, this exhibit of metal frays
could kill you.
your hands are dying
to slip into rubber gloves
and fix this rubbish, this eyesore.
but this piece of junk is about to go up in flames,
so stay safe, and let it
die in its own game.